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Garu Estepona Winter 2018

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Estepona Property Specialist


INTERIOR DESIGN FERNANDO MORENO Fernando Moreno is a family run business dedicated to the world of construction. Founded more than 50 years ago the company have great experience in this field which has allowed them to grow in size and become even more professional, always adapting to the needs of their clients. With over 15,000 m² customers can find a wide range of products for bathrooms, kitchens, furniture, decoration, tiles, flooring, building materials, hardware, etc. All of them of first quality.

Design your life with The kitchen and the bathroom are two key rooms in any home. They give personality to a house, and while obviously requiring functional furnishings, they also allow for a wide range of styles and details that can make all the difference. And it is here that tiles, finishes, materials and designs, from the traditional and rustic, to the most modern and sophisticated, come into play. As distributors of countless national and international specialists in furnishing and decorating these rooms, Fernando Moreno offers clients a personalised service to find the best possible option for every requirement. When it comes to kitchens, the company works with Doimo Cucine and Ernestomeda, modern design, original and innovatives. INTERIOR DESIGN FERNANDO MORENO 05

Garu Estepona Real Estate · Calle Real, 110 Estepona (Málaga) · Tel. 952790790 · Fax. 952805497
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