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LEGAL LEGAL REQUIREMENTS FOR HOLIDAY RENTALS IN ANDALUCIA by Francisco Sánchez Owning property can be a profitable business if you are willing to rent it out as what is called a holiday/vacational rental when you are not using it yourself. As of May 2016 (when the Andalusian regulation on vacational rentals came into force) any property that is to be rented as vacational must be registered and must comply with some other legal requirements. Below we have summarised some of the main points and the most frequently asked questions. What is the registration process? Vacational properties must be registered at Delegation of Tourism Council of the Junta de Andalucia / Andalusian Government. You need to file what is called a "responsible statement" describing your property and stating that it complies with all the legal requirements. The registration can be submitted online and /or at any public office. A temporary number will be issued immediately and after several days the definitive number will be assigned; should the registration and the property fulfil the requirements. The VFT or Registration number must be shown on all advertisements to rent the property online and in all publications. Is it compulsory? Yes, it is for any dwelling for rent for tourism purposes. Does every property put up for rent need to comply with this legislation? No, not all of them and therefore, not all of them must be registered. The Andalusian regulation shall not be relevant in the following cases (Article 1.2 of the decree): • Accommodation free of charge. • Rentals for more than 2 months to the same tenant. • Property located in rural areas (Rural tourism requirements demanded). • When three or more properties are located in the same building owned by the same landlord. Dwellings can be rented out completely, or by rooms, when the owner lives in the property and only rents part of it. What happens if I do not comply with the regulation? As stated in the Andalusian regulation, failure to comply with any of the statutory requirements shall constitute an infringement that can range from minor to very serious. The penalties for such infringements range from just a warning to a 150,000€ fine to even the closing down of your rental business. Which are the specific legal requirements I need to comply with? The following a checklist should give you an idea of what you need to do: • First occupation license or document issued by the municipality that complement the lack of license. • Report to the police for the identification of the guests. • The property must have direct access outside to the street or courtyards through terraces or windows. • Be sufficiently furnished and equipped, including Bedding, linens, house hold goods generally, according to the occupancy of the apartment and a set of replacement. • Air conditioning in the rooms. • First aid kit. • Fire extinguishers. • Provide the guests with tourist information or maps of the area (entertainment, restaurants, bars and cafes, shops and food stores, parking, pharmacies, medical services, taxis, public transport, etc). • Official complaints book available to the guests. • The property must be cleaned fully between each rental client. Can somebody else manage the property for me? Yes. As an owner, you can hire someone to do it or reach an agreement with an agency or property Management Company or rent with possibility of subletting. * * * We hope the summary has been helpful. We have not developed other interesting information as tax consequences. Nevertheless, at Sanchez & Beck lawyers, we can advise you with the registration of the property and/or any other matter related to your rentals. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need it.

ABOGADOS Despacho especializado en todo tipo de procedimientos judiciales de materia civil, penal, administrativa, mercantil e inmobiliario, así como asesoramiento extrajudical, emisión de dictámenes e informes jurídicos e intervención en compraventas y otros contratos. Nuestra filosofía es la del trabajo serio, profesional, honesto y dinámico, prestando a nuestros clientes un servicio directo y personalizado. LAWYERS Law firm that specialises in all kinds of court proceedings of civil, criminal, administrative, company and real estate nature as well as in delivery of legal opinions, advice, legal reports and intervention in sale/purchase operations and other contracts. Our philosophy is that of responsible, professional, honest and dynamic work and rendering a direct and oneto-one service to our clients in which correct and close attention prevail. ANWÄLTE Unsere Kanzelei befasst sich mit Rechtsverfahren in Zivil-, Straf-, Verwaltungs-, Arbeits-, Handelsund Immobilienrecht. Wir beraten Sie auch in aussergerichtlichen Angelegenheiten, erstellen Gutachten und leisten Ihnen juristischen Beistand bei Immobilienkäufen und anderen Vertragsabschlüssen. Unser oberstes Gebot ist eine seriöse, kompetente, dynamische und ehrliche Dienstleistung mit einer personalisierten, direkten Betreuung unserer Mandanten. AVOCATS Un cabinet d’avocats spécialisés dans les procédures judiciaires de tous types; en matière civile, pénale, administrative, commerciale et dans l’immobilier, ainsi que dans le conseil juridique, dans l’émission de rapports et d’expertises juridiques et dans le contrat de vente et d’achat et autres contrats. Notre philosophie est celle d’un travail sérieux, professionnel, honnête, dynamique, assurant à nos clients un service directe et personnalisé. L’attention à notre clientèle est personnalisée et juste. C/ Notario Luis Oliver, 6, 6ª Marbella 29602 Málaga (ESPAÑA) Tel. (0034) 952 903 306 Fax (0034) 952 902 608

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